Autumn fall 2017 blouses to wear

Yoins anniversary sales
Hello, ladies!
I just love this time of the year.
The weather is great, not too hot, not cold at all.
I'm enjoying the time outside my house for long walks in the park and for long conversations with my friends.
I was recently speaking with a friend of mine about the transition clothes we have to buy.
And I recomended her some cute and affordable blouses that I want to show you too.
I am loving this sheer blouse, is amazing to pair it with skirts and shorts.
The pattern makes is special and the outfit will be WOW with this blouse.
Find it here:
This is also a favorite type of blouse that I enjoy wearing in autumn.
Loving the camouflage colors and the neck choker-like style.
Pair it with jeans or leggings for a knock out outfit.
Wear it also on your first date, it's cute but also daring.
Fing it here:
Shop trendy womens fashion tops here.
You must adore this type of blouse this fall.
I am enjoying the bright yellow colour as much as the long sleeves.
And also I really like the self tie design on the neck area.
It' perfect for the office too.
See it here:
This top rocks it all.
It's sultry and so amazing with the deep V neck.
Loving also the colour, such a great mach with fall in 2017.
I would wear it with medium skirts too.
Go and descover it here:
Also, find affordable women cute blouses here.
For all kind of clothes and accesories go and check out the amazing site Yoins

Have a nice day, ladies!


The good and the beautiful

Hello, ladies.
Are you in for some new, hot dresses?
Yesterday I stayed 3 hours minimum to scroll around some of the most amazing dresses for this summer.
This time, all the dresses are mini or midi because I know your legs look wonderful, all tanned up, right?
So I will show you some of my gratest picks from this collection  of the homecoming dresses 2017 so stay tunned.

Beaded Fuchsia Dress

This pretty little dress looks so amazing.
I'm loving the color of it - neon pink, I adore the lenght, the rhinestones on the waist and all the crystals adorned on the bust. 
You cand party and dance all night long in this dress.

 Sleeveless Mini Homecoming Dress

Look at the attitude this dress is giving you.
It's both delicate but so powerful at the same time.
I'm loving the sheer lace on the bust and the satin look of the bottom.
Girls with wide hips can look amazing in this dress too because it camouflages the roundness and emphasizes the small waist.
Red and black is definitely an all time favorite of mine.
It'samazing how those two colors can combine in such an elegant way to create the perfect dress.
Loving the sequins that give such a celebrating touch to the dress.
I absolutely adore dresses with bows but red bows are to die for.
The bust cleavage is so feminine but sexy as well.
Another diaphane dress by it's colour and by it's shape.
This dress screams feminity and young spirit.
You will me a beutiful young lady wearing this glamorous A-line dress with front appliques.
In this dress you will me elegant and luxurious.
For more hoco dresses please visit the yesbabyonline store  where you have a coupon code :
sale10 to get some extra $10 off for those of you whi want to make a purchase.
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Spring summer transition clothing

Hello, ladies.
We all wait from january for spring to come right.
But spring is already here.
So guess what?
I can't hardly wait for the summer.
Why? Because is much warmer, is sunny and we wear light weight clothes.
But in transition between spring and summer we still have to wear cool, fashionable and adorable clothes, right?
A transition piece of clothing is an item that has a more dark colour but the fabric is not so thick, is a little more breathable, is easy to use.
It covers the body parts for the chilly mornings but in the afternoon it won't be so hot for you not to wear them.
In transition clothes you won't be too hot or too cold.
Let's see what StyleWe and just fashion now has to offer for transition clothes, especially velvet, because velvet is so COOL this spring/summer.
I just love this jumpsuit because of the color, because it has a blet to inhance the beautiful waist and I also adore the V neck.
Because is sleeveless I recommend wearing it with a blazer in cold mornings.
This jumpsuit is perfection!
It's so feminine, and the colour is to die for. Just amazing.
For a night out with the boyfriend or at a party, this bodycon dress is a good transition item, but is also stylish and modern.
The cutout slit in the back is so deering and feminine.
Love the grey colour, suits very well with the fabric.
For more cheap bodycon dresses go to this website and enjoy.
Kisses, girls.


Triangle Bikini for Women by StyleWe

Hello, lovelies.
As I just said in my last post, summer is just around the corner.
But you just can't think about going to the pool, or even on the seaside without a proper bathing suit.
And I'm talking about real fashionable summer Triangle Bikini bathing suits.
The ones that show a lot of skin, that embraces your body and screams from all the pores  "I'm Hot!".
Oh! Not having the perfect body yet?
You might still sculpt your body the next 2-3 months until summer begins.
But you will have to work a little bit hard. But It's so worth it, trust me!
So let's see some nice items from StyleWe to know what's cool to wear this year, shall we?
I think everyone likes black and feels good wearing this color.
But the colorful accents on the bust area and on the side of the bottom really makes this suit a very appealing one.
For a more romantic but also deering look, choose this nylon triangle halter bikini.
The pastel colors are so nice and your tan will show even more.
Don't forget to use some oil after tanning, It will double the effect.
This geometric aztech print bikini is a must this year.
I'm thinking even going on a festival with the top paired with some boyfriend jeans and some ankle boots.
And maybe I will even step up my hairstyle with a bandana, we all know celebrities really like this kind of fashion and is even plactical - we all want on hot summer days for our hair to be put away from the shoulders, up high in a ponytail and on a bun or on other messy updos.
And it's a great and fashionable thing to use bandanas as accessories.
Take a look at this Hairstyle Fashion gallery for great inspiration.
Thanks you guys for reading, have a nice week!


How to have fun in 2017

Hello, guys.
How y'all been doing?
Is there a sunny weather where you live?
If yes, do you know how lucky you are?
Maybe I'll come visit you! :))
Because I'm tired of my rainy and cold weather.
Let's have summer all year long, shall we?
I know somewhere is summer already.
Let's all stay by the pool and enjoy some fresh cocktails and some limonade.
And have fun with some amazing summer games.
Right now I am thinking of a bubble ball suit
 This fun looking bubble soccer balls come in blue and red, have free shipping and can be used at a birthday party, gathering, school activity, community activity or any oyher activity that involves fun outdoor.
Find more  bumper balls for sale and your fun part of the party is solved.
 Good quality 2.5m sphereing zorbing uk,zorbing on water for sale
Take along your kids, dogs and neighbours for a good time that you will very much enjoy.
This sphering zorbing ball is all you need.
Is good on water, grass or even on sand.
Don't forget to take pictures for a long time memory.
All these have good quality certificate, so no worries there.
Hope you all be having a fun time this summer.


How to look amazing and beautiful on your wedding day

Millybridal Wedding Dresses UK
It's that season again.
Let the wedding season begin!
Are you a future wife? Are you a bridesmade or a good friend of her?
Than you know that all you are looking now is for that special dress.
So stay tuned for some really amazing pieces, to make you look wonderful or to help a bride be as beautiful as can be on her most special day!
I created a collection of Mermaid Wedding Dresses all from this great site named Millybridal UK
How amazing is this wedding dress? Love the off white colour, the lace and 
the trainn is mindblowing! 
So gorgeous!

Another amazing and feminine dress. How great is this off shoulder satin dress? It's wonderful!
This one is surreal...looks like it's a fairy wedding going on. So great!
Looks like a goddess. The ruffles make this a very sexy gown. Like it!
Have a nice week, girls!

How to be cool for school

Hello, girls.
I remember with such emotions the time I was in high school, especially freshman year.
The joy of meeting new people, the laughtter and all the jokes we made with old coleagues and all the other fun parts.
But somehow there was a big thing happening back then.
We were young, fresh and we had a very large interest in fashion, besides learning, of course :)
Everyone wanted to be cool, to wear hype clothes and to be popular.
Yes, attitude and clothes realy make you popular.
So what is cooler than wearing denim and fun backpacks?
Browsing StyleWe I found out these fun Backpacks to really make an interesting outfit for school.
Black really goes with everything and the shape of it makes it good for carrying notebooks, wallet, telephone, pens and some oher small girl stuff.
 Light blue is such an eye candy this spring and I think this is adorable. Love the print, the shape and the fact that it goes well with denim, the other cool item that I told you that it is a must in a school wardrobe. 
If you want to know How to Look Flawless with Denim just follow the link to view how celebrities style this classic, but ever so cool piece called denim. Or go to JustFashionNow
to look for some other interesting pieces of clothing and accessories for school, including knitted items, for a nice transittion from winter to spring. Find more on their site.

Enjoy highschool because it's a wonderful and unique period in your life and stay fashionable.