How to look amazing and beautiful on your wedding day

Millybridal Wedding Dresses UK
It's that season again.
Let the wedding season begin!
Are you a future wife? Are you a bridesmade or a good friend of her?
Than you know that all you are looking now is for that special dress.
So stay tuned for some really amazing pieces, to make you look wonderful or to help a bride be as beautiful as can be on her most special day!
I created a collection of Mermaid Wedding Dresses all from this great site named Millybridal UK
How amazing is this wedding dress? Love the off white colour, the lace and 
the trainn is mindblowing! 
So gorgeous!

Another amazing and feminine dress. How great is this off shoulder satin dress? It's wonderful!
This one is surreal...looks like it's a fairy wedding going on. So great!
Looks like a goddess. The ruffles make this a very sexy gown. Like it!
Have a nice week, girls!

How to be cool for school

Hello, girls.
I remember with such emotions the time I was in high school, especially freshman year.
The joy of meeting new people, the laughtter and all the jokes we made with old coleagues and all the other fun parts.
But somehow there was a big thing happening back then.
We were young, fresh and we had a very large interest in fashion, besides learning, of course :)
Everyone wanted to be cool, to wear hype clothes and to be popular.
Yes, attitude and clothes realy make you popular.
So what is cooler than wearing denim and fun backpacks?
Browsing StyleWe I found out these fun Backpacks to really make an interesting outfit for school.
Black really goes with everything and the shape of it makes it good for carrying notebooks, wallet, telephone, pens and some oher small girl stuff.
 Light blue is such an eye candy this spring and I think this is adorable. Love the print, the shape and the fact that it goes well with denim, the other cool item that I told you that it is a must in a school wardrobe. 
If you want to know How to Look Flawless with Denim just follow the link to view how celebrities style this classic, but ever so cool piece called denim. Or go to JustFashionNow
to look for some other interesting pieces of clothing and accessories for school, including knitted items, for a nice transittion from winter to spring. Find more on their site.

Enjoy highschool because it's a wonderful and unique period in your life and stay fashionable.


Having a wonderful time with Inflatable Zone

Hey, boys and girls.
Really now, how is the weather where you live?
In my city is so much snow that I hardly can imagine it will ever disappear.
Have you seen most holiday Instagram photos of some famous bloggers?
All are in some tropical region, enjoying good weather, siting on the seashore or near the pool, having a wonderful time.
I wish I was there...I've always had a dream to spend November or December on a far away sunny country with warm tropical weather.
But I am having plans for spring and summer in my coutry too - in my backyard actually :)
A year ago I bought my house and because my son was too little, I had no time for plans, nor to say for some renovations.
But since my little man is growing up and he always wants to play and have fun, I thought of making my backyard a fun zone for him.
So what fun is that without water?  So I have searched for some Water Games for cheap .
But we all know that not many people are capable of owning their own fancy pool in the backyard
So I found an  inflatable water trampoline buy suitable for my needs.
It's called Inflatable Zone TM Water saturn because of it's shape.
 Water trampoline is for players to jump up and down. It is a fun water sport for people jump on it, up and down.
It can be placed both on water or on the ground. And it has intense elasticity for people to have fun of jumping and bouncing.Love the colors too, so vivid and joyful.
Also, I thought of a water fun swimming pool for my son and my neighbor's kids to swim and have a blast.
The fabric of what is made looks pretty durable and colors blue and red look so nice together.
I think a bithday party in the sun and having fun in a inflatable pool is a great ideea too.
Don't forget - for some courtries, the shipping is free.
All we need is to wait for the good weather to arrive.
Kisses, guys.


International GIVEAWAY Fashion Spike 3 x Choker

Hi girls.
I Proudly present to you my holiday giveaway where you'll receive 3 handmade necklaces / choker which you will be able to assor on your  Christmas
outfits, or for New Year's eve or on other special occasions.
like Fashion Spike facebook page
share the contest on your public profile
leave a comment on Facebook with : ' I Participate" and tag a friend (on Facebook- blog entries are not taken into account).

You can register for the contest until 30 December.
Good luck!
Buna, fetelor.
Cu mandrie va prezint Giveawayul meu pentru sarbatori in care va voi darui 3 coliere handmade/chokere pe care sa le purtati si sa le asortati tinutelor de Craciun, Revelion sau la ocazii speciale.
Conditii de participare:
❄ like pagina de facebook Fashion Spike
❄ share concurs pe profilul tau
❄ lasa un comentariu cu Particip si tag unei prietene (pe Facebook- inscrierile pe blog nu se iau in considerare).

Va puteti inscrie la concurs pana pe 30 decembrie.



Trendy plus size clothing and other fashion clothing from Fashionmia

Hello, ladies.
I remember with such a great pleasure my times when I was pregnant and I had a plus size body type.
I loved all the curves, the know what I'm saying.
And also, I had to change all my wardrobe, of course.
That's because I do not like pregnant clothes. That's me...but I really don't like them. Most of them are not fashionable and are out of style.
That's why I had to wear plus size clothing.
Take a good look at this trendy plus size clothing and other fashion clothing from Fashionmia.

Love this printed mid-rise plus-size-pants. They are so trendy and the print is amazing.
This round neck dip hem plain plus-size-T-shirt is amazing on the shape and on the colour. Bright red is gorgeous.
Look at this print. This round neck animal printed plaid skater-dress is so well made I would wear it all day. It's so trendy!
Kisses, girls!


Red mini dresses wishlist

Hello girls.
I would love to show you a wish list from Stylewe.
I love their prices and product as well.
I will show you some amazing mini red dresses from Stylewe.
Now, how amazing is this dress?
I love all about it.
The length, the ruffles and especially the vibrant red.
The print of this dress is wonderful.
And the V neck is also so exotic.
Love all about this dress and the fabric seems great.
I see myself wearing this at the office with some opaque tights.
Some grey one, to match the dresses print.
Another great print - asian, that I adore. This is from silk and has short sleeves.
Even maternity ladies can wear this for a sylish look.
You can find sexy dresses here   : 
Their Twitter is :

Mini skirts for a beautiful autumn from Stylewe

Hello ladies.
So good to write to you again.
I am so happy to show you some amazing skirts I found on StyleWe
They are so trendy and so versatile.
Let me tell you: this skirt is so so me! I just love this  navy blue knitted skater skirt.
Love the way you can pair it with over the knee boots.
Another dark blue skirt, with fringes. 
You can pair it with ankle boots, long boots and even sandals. 
I like it so much. 
This is a more elegant skirt, knee length and so stylish.
The slit is amazing and so feminine.
Another elegant skirt - an amazing green bandadge skirt with zippers for a modern touch. 
Looks so easy to wear.
And the price is great too.
Love this feminine and joyful pink mini skirt.
The color is Pantone 2016 and is great even in autumn.
I would pair it with sneakers and a bomber jachet.
If you like to see dresses on Stylewe just click the links and enjoy.
Have a beautiful autumn, girls.