All I want for Christmas is long hair

I was watching a few pictures taken about a year ago and I felt a huge miss for my long hair....

As it became increasingly fragile , 3 months ago ( after last summer ), I had to cut him to the shoulders ( a longer bob ) .
Every time we cut hairs length or even give him another form, we appear much younger.
They say cutting short hair makes it grow thicker . This is not true but the  hair doesn't stretch from his weight and thus appears to have more volume.
After cutting my hair, I began intensive treatment with argan oil or olive oil .  
Use oil mixed with egg yolk, vitamin A and juice of half a lemon .
I think one of you readers  have heard or tried this treatment at least once but what is important is how long it is kept the hair treatment on your damp hair.
I used a shower cap and keep my hair like so for about 12 hours. Treatment is best to be done in the evening when the whole body is resting and the hair has time to infuse all the nutrients in the composition .
In the morning wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo (preferably one who is not making excessive bubble and therefore doesn't have so much detergent in it to dehydrate hair).
Repeat one day a week for several weeks.

OK, at this point we have a beautiful and shiny hair.

But what if you crave like me for long hair?

Femininity in a woman for me means long hair. Therefore we have to use hair extensions. And if you are to improve the appearance of hair, then you really need to choose the best human hair extensions.
Browsing online store I discovered a lot of  colors so that everyone is able to choose the color close to his natural hair. There are different weights of extensions depending on how much volume you want to give your hairstyle.
Enter the site in case you miss long, beautiful and full of volume hair like me...

Kiss Kiss



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    1. yes, long hair stands for beautiful.

  2. Wow, your hair looks gorgeous! So beautiful.

    1. now it's not that long but with extensions he is :P

  3. hey what a nice blog you have here !
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  4. U look So beautiful:)
    Love the Necklace:)
    Love the Black, it's really awesome:)

  5. i'm growing my hair out at the moment, love yours :)

    xx fameliquorlove

  6. so beautiful!
    want to follow each other? following you on GFC
    Puella Aeterna

  7. I love long hair too. You look beautiful
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  8. You look like Elizabeth Taylor!



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