How to be cool for school

Hello, girls.
I remember with such emotions the time I was in high school, especially freshman year.
The joy of meeting new people, the laughtter and all the jokes we made with old coleagues and all the other fun parts.
But somehow there was a big thing happening back then.
We were young, fresh and we had a very large interest in fashion, besides learning, of course :)
Everyone wanted to be cool, to wear hype clothes and to be popular.
Yes, attitude and clothes realy make you popular.
So what is cooler than wearing denim and fun backpacks?
Browsing StyleWe I found out these fun Backpacks to really make an interesting outfit for school.
Black really goes with everything and the shape of it makes it good for carrying notebooks, wallet, telephone, pens and some oher small girl stuff.
 Light blue is such an eye candy this spring and I think this is adorable. Love the print, the shape and the fact that it goes well with denim, the other cool item that I told you that it is a must in a school wardrobe. 
If you want to know How to Look Flawless with Denim just follow the link to view how celebrities style this classic, but ever so cool piece called denim. Or go to JustFashionNow
to look for some other interesting pieces of clothing and accessories for school, including knitted items, for a nice transittion from winter to spring. Find more on their site.

Enjoy highschool because it's a wonderful and unique period in your life and stay fashionable.

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  1. carola2:22 pm

    The light blue is nice. want one. bessos di spagna


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