Having a wonderful time with Inflatable Zone

Hey, boys and girls.
Really now, how is the weather where you live?
In my city is so much snow that I hardly can imagine it will ever disappear.
Have you seen most holiday Instagram photos of some famous bloggers?
All are in some tropical region, enjoying good weather, siting on the seashore or near the pool, having a wonderful time.
I wish I was there...I've always had a dream to spend November or December on a far away sunny country with warm tropical weather.
But I am having plans for spring and summer in my coutry too - in my backyard actually :)
A year ago I bought my house and because my son was too little, I had no time for plans, nor to say for some renovations.
But since my little man is growing up and he always wants to play and have fun, I thought of making my backyard a fun zone for him.
So what fun is that without water?  So I have searched for some Water Games for cheap .
But we all know that not many people are capable of owning their own fancy pool in the backyard
So I found an  inflatable water trampoline buy suitable for my needs.
It's called Inflatable Zone TM Water saturn because of it's shape.
 Water trampoline is for players to jump up and down. It is a fun water sport for people jump on it, up and down.
It can be placed both on water or on the ground. And it has intense elasticity for people to have fun of jumping and bouncing.Love the colors too, so vivid and joyful.
Also, I thought of a water fun swimming pool for my son and my neighbor's kids to swim and have a blast.
The fabric of what is made looks pretty durable and colors blue and red look so nice together.
I think a bithday party in the sun and having fun in a inflatable pool is a great ideea too.
Don't forget - for some courtries, the shipping is free.
All we need is to wait for the good weather to arrive.
Kisses, guys.


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