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Hi! Am preluat un tag foarte intersant si in final si comic de la Special-koko in care raspunsurile la intrebari sunt titlurile pieselor unui artist/trupe alese de voi. Enjoy ;)

My life according to : BRITNEY SPEARS

Are you a male or female? - "Girl In the Mirror"
Describe Yourself - "Stronger"
How do you feel? - "Lucky"
Describe where you currently live -  "Don't Go Knocking On My Door"
If you could go anywhere, where would you go? - "Deep in my Heart"
Your favorite form of transportation -  "Boys "
Your best friend? - "Perfect Lover "
You and your best friend are - "Freakshow"
What's the weather like? - "Hot as Ice "
Favorite time of day - "Early Mornin' "
If your life was a TV show what would it be called? - "Oops I Did It Again  "
What is life to you? -  "Circus"
Your relationship - "Get Naked (I Got a plan) "
Your fear - "Womanizer "
What is the best advice you have to give? - "You Got It All"
Thought for the day - "Why Should I be Sad?  "
My motto - "What You See (Is What You Get)  "
Pup! Weekend placut !


  1. Haha, f tare...mi-au placut raspunsurile!:*

  2. Your favorite form of transportation - "Boys "
    ce tareeeeee=)))))))))

  3. Ne descurcam si noi ftl cum putem. :))

  4. Pot sa preiau si eu tag-ul tau? E foarte amuzant.

  5. preia-l cu cea mai mare placere, sweetie :p

  6. Multumesc, o sa-l copii intr-un draft, azi nu am timp sa ma gandesc la melodii.
    PS Multumesc si pentru sugestia care mi-ai facut-o pentru GA meu - nu ai vrut sa te si inscrii? (chiar am urmat sfatul tau si am adaugat poze cu premiile :)


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