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Hello, ladies.
I really want to go to he seaside these days. The weather in the city is just too hot.
Nothing will cool me down like a fresh pink lemonade in my glass and white sand tingling on my toes, wonderful turquoise sea on one side and wonderful mountain on the other side and a bright clear sky will complete my perfect summer escapade.
Just me and my hubby under one umbrella.
With no worries at al....Just left them at home :)
But if it's holiday, let it be a fashionable one.
Can't go on exotic beaches without an amazing bathingsuit, right? is a great website dedicated to women where you can find great swimwear, dresses, skirts, jumpsuits and also bags.
I got my eyes on some swimsuits I am eager to show you.
Looks like this bathing suit was painted. It's amazing.
The cups of it are so flattering for someone with smaller cups.
And the bikinis are a great piece as well. My favorite one of all.
Such a great piece overall.
I'll be honest with you...I don't have the perfect body right now. I have a good reason for that.
And belly fat is what I like to hide.
This one-piece bathingsuit with white lines that elongate visualy is just the thing for me.
Find it here:
Color block swimsuits is a trend that will never get old.
Love the turquoise combined with maroon.
Another swimsuit to cober up some belly fat succcessfuly. I adore yellow and love the vertical black & white stripes.
Find all the amazing stuff here on and also find news on their twitter
Kisses, girls.


  1. nice suits

  2. Amazing, I love the turquoise-maroon one :D


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