Mini skirts for a beautiful autumn from Stylewe

Hello ladies.
So good to write to you again.
I am so happy to show you some amazing skirts I found on StyleWe
They are so trendy and so versatile.
Let me tell you: this skirt is so so me! I just love this  navy blue knitted skater skirt.
Love the way you can pair it with over the knee boots.
Another dark blue skirt, with fringes. 
You can pair it with ankle boots, long boots and even sandals. 
I like it so much. 
This is a more elegant skirt, knee length and so stylish.
The slit is amazing and so feminine.
Another elegant skirt - an amazing green bandadge skirt with zippers for a modern touch. 
Looks so easy to wear.
And the price is great too.
Love this feminine and joyful pink mini skirt.
The color is Pantone 2016 and is great even in autumn.
I would pair it with sneakers and a bomber jachet.
If you like to see dresses on Stylewe just click the links and enjoy.
Have a beautiful autumn, girls.

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