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Hello, ladies.
Yet another collection of beautiful dresses for you to wear on proms, weddings, birthday parties, or even going out on club.
Let's face it, a wonderful dress will make you feel amazing and that day will be a memorable in your forever memories.
A great dress is a statement for you to wear, and it will make you a real goddess.
If you feel in a summery mood you can also wear it on a great, electric colors like yellow, blue or the conventional colors like black, nude.
The dresses that I will show you are fun, amazing and elegant from the site chosen fron the special occasion dresses category here
Just look at this gorgeous royal blue dress.
It is on a mermaid shape that will beautify your silhouette.
Find other sequin dresses on
Wow! What an amazing, gorgeous mermaid dress. The pink color is alluring and the spagetti traps make is even more precious and feminine. Love also the embroided cleavage.
I really need a great tan this year. It would be an amazing match with this gorgeous ywellow dress. It,s amazing the side slit as well and looks like it flows around the hips. Love love it!!

Also, Babyonlinedress is having a wide range of wedding dresses for you to look here:
Go and find you special one!


  1. Anonymous6:24 am

    so beautiful dresses, I love the first one.

  2. Sandra9:23 pm

    Amo tutti vestiti. Bravissimo

  3. lovely marta9:28 pm

    Si eu as vrea a 2 a rochie pentru banchet. Pare minunata! Sa vedem cu se aseaza.

    1. Da, poti incerca. Si mie imi plac paietele.

  4. Bensanty10:37 am

    Love your pics. Follow me too. Love the dresses

  5. Georgiaa10:40 am

    How much does the shipping from babyonlinedress cost? Thank you

    1. This is what they say about the shipping: 'A. We offer free shipping to some countries via DHL/EMS/Aramex, such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. We charge shipping fee to some countries. It varies from country to country, and also depends on the weight of the items you order. You may place a test order to check the shipping fee.' Hope this was helpful.

  6. Anonymous6:14 am

    Love the first one.


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