Melkior professional Makeup - My favorite Palettes

If it’s Spring, let’s put some color in our lives! And how can a girl do it better if not with the help of  make-up?
Finding Melkior Professional makeup was such a beautiful surprise for me and now I just adore them!
They have a large variety of eyeshadow colors, so you have a lot of options to choose from.
What I will show you next are eyeshadow colors that I have chosen according to my personality.
This is also their slogan for this Spring: Be Yourself!
Some colors are daring, some are delicate, soft, but let’s check them out:
  • WILD CHERRY is a matte bordo burgundy color, but on eyelids it's a fuchsia pink. 
  • CAMEE ROSE is pink with violet reflexes, with a pearled texture. 
  • GOLD METAL is a golden color, with greenish shades, with a pearl texture also. 
  • PEACH is a discreet matte peachy color, perfect as blush.
  • SWEET PINK is a baby pink, suitable also as blush.   
  • VIOLETTE is a gorgeous violet, with blue shades, has a silky texture, without fall out. My favorite. 
  • LILITH is a reddish brown, matte, similar with WILD CHERRY, but a little bit lighter.
  • PURPLE HAZE- is a satinated intense violet, very pigmented.
  • PRUNE- just like the fruit - intense matte purple, with very good pigmentation also.
I love the creamy consistency and the fac that they are very pigmented colors.
Also, they apply uniformly and can be easily blended to obtain the wanted look.
What I’ve noticed is that these eyeshadows resist in time, which is a relief for me, as I do not have time to spend on refreshing my make-up when I go from work directly to a meeting in town with my friends.
It was the perfect gift for my sister’s birthday! She is really thrilled about it! If for a period of time she quitted on adding eyeshadow and using just basic make-up, now she enjoys them and combines them to obtain different make-up looks.
They are so practical in their magnetic palette so they don’t make you worry about braking into your purse or making a mess.
Each color name is written on its back so that you can identify them next time when you are out of stock.
Love these colored eyeshadows!
You’ll love this mini agendas, that can fit in every woman’s purse! It’s so slim and easy to carry. I think it’s practical also for travels. I will surely put it into my next trip.
Be profi! Get your own make-up agenda!
What are your favorites?


  1. pretty colors!

  2. frumoase nuante!

  3. These are stunning! Gold Metal is so so pretty!


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