Discount sandals for a glamourous New Year's Eve look- from ShoesPie

Hello, ladies!

I've always considered Christmas and New Year's Eve the most important and special holidays of the year. 
Christmas means the silver decorated Christmas tree, surrounded by the warm carols, beautiful decorations, cinnamon candles, mom's fresh baked ginger bread, amazing presents for dear ones, cozy nights by the fire and of course, the glamorous outfit.
The dress is already chosen, but the accessories are equally important so I will search to asort them carefully.
Because I have a silver slit dress, I have chosen to wear a delicate pair of sandals.
From it's so good to know we have discount this time of the year, a large variety to choose from!
Here are some of my picks.

These stiletto sandals have a zipper which make them so easy to wear and I just love the tassel detail!

Another option are these black irresistible cut-outs sandals. These stiletto are definitely an eye-catch!

Because usually at parties I dance all night long and my feet tend to hurt, I always carry in my bag a very smart trick-a pair of flat sandals.
For this event, the best option are these adorable flat sandals with delicate rhinestones.
  Here are some other cheap flat sandals to choose from:
I also recommend  the wedge sandals and the platform sandals.


  1. Beautiful shoes! All of them.

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