5 health benefits of youth sports

So, guys, todays tipic is going to be about our kids.
And most important, it's going to be about our children's health.
So what should we do to keep thm well, besides a good and healthy diet, good emotional relationship and well-spend time with our kids?
That's right! Sports! You got it right!
But let me tell you the 5 top reasons !

Number 1 - Body weight control

Sports make you burn fat, reduce weight, and so it reduces, even if not, it eliminates obesity.
It is known that obesity cand induce high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart desease, even in young children.
So sports, starting at a very little age, keeps our children safe from all of these deseases.

Number 2 - Body posture and stature

Many of you might not know this medical information, but actually growth hormone in children is secreted more when they exercise.
So, what does that mean?
It means that the kids that do youth sports, are more likely to grow taller than the ones that don't.
Not to mention that sports get the tedency to build you a great physical posture and strengthens up the muscles.

Number 3 - Bone density

 An old wise quote says that if a tree is hardened, the wind will break it.
This is true, even about our body.
We all heard about osteoporosis, but why is it so bad for the body?
It's because it produses fractures, and that is why we are afraid of it.
So in order to keep away from it for when we will be older and to protect the kids, as well, we all must build ourselves a strong and flexible body.
And we can do this by practicing sports our whole life, beginning from our youth years.

Number 4 - Better sleeping

After exercise, your kids will have a better sleep pattern, the muscles and veins will relax and they will be less sleepy in the morning when wakeing up to go to school.
And if the workout is done in the morning, the better.

Number 5 - Reduces depression

The studies have confirmed that in our century depression can install at very fragile years.
And a child with depression is more likely to be a depressed adult in the future.
So let's de-stress our children by encouraging them to play physical sports, any type they want to so they can live a long and healthy life.
Take this as a long-life-investment. You invest now your time, patience and money for the health of a lifetime done for your most loved ones - your children.
It's OK if you participate too.
That way you get to spend more time with your kids, word as well for your own personal health and you are also a good example for them, because the power of example is stronger and many times kids love to copy what one parent is doing.
So showing them a good example will give you more certainty that they will continue to work out even when you are not aroud, it will instantly give them a way of living properly a healthy and conscient life.
So don't do sports just occasionaly - make this your habit, your lifestyle.
For other health benefits of youth sports check out this website, is full of strong information.

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