The good and the beautiful

Hello, ladies.
Are you in for some new, hot dresses?
Yesterday I stayed 3 hours minimum to scroll around some of the most amazing dresses for this summer.
This time, all the dresses are mini or midi because I know your legs look wonderful, all tanned up, right?
So I will show you some of my gratest picks from this collection  of the homecoming dresses 2017 so stay tunned.

Beaded Fuchsia Dress

This pretty little dress looks so amazing.
I'm loving the color of it - neon pink, I adore the lenght, the rhinestones on the waist and all the crystals adorned on the bust. 
You cand party and dance all night long in this dress.

 Sleeveless Mini Homecoming Dress

Look at the attitude this dress is giving you.
It's both delicate but so powerful at the same time.
I'm loving the sheer lace on the bust and the satin look of the bottom.
Girls with wide hips can look amazing in this dress too because it camouflages the roundness and emphasizes the small waist.
Red and black is definitely an all time favorite of mine.
It'samazing how those two colors can combine in such an elegant way to create the perfect dress.
Loving the sequins that give such a celebrating touch to the dress.
I absolutely adore dresses with bows but red bows are to die for.
The bust cleavage is so feminine but sexy as well.
Another diaphane dress by it's colour and by it's shape.
This dress screams feminity and young spirit.
You will me a beutiful young lady wearing this glamorous A-line dress with front appliques.
In this dress you will me elegant and luxurious.
For more hoco dresses please visit the yesbabyonline store  where you have a coupon code :
sale10 to get some extra $10 off for those of you whi want to make a purchase.
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