Triangle Bikini for Women by StyleWe

Hello, lovelies.
As I just said in my last post, summer is just around the corner.
But you just can't think about going to the pool, or even on the seaside without a proper bathing suit.
And I'm talking about real fashionable summer Triangle Bikini bathing suits.
The ones that show a lot of skin, that embraces your body and screams from all the pores  "I'm Hot!".
Oh! Not having the perfect body yet?
You might still sculpt your body the next 2-3 months until summer begins.
But you will have to work a little bit hard. But It's so worth it, trust me!
So let's see some nice items from StyleWe to know what's cool to wear this year, shall we?
I think everyone likes black and feels good wearing this color.
But the colorful accents on the bust area and on the side of the bottom really makes this suit a very appealing one.
For a more romantic but also deering look, choose this nylon triangle halter bikini.
The pastel colors are so nice and your tan will show even more.
Don't forget to use some oil after tanning, It will double the effect.
This geometric aztech print bikini is a must this year.
I'm thinking even going on a festival with the top paired with some boyfriend jeans and some ankle boots.
And maybe I will even step up my hairstyle with a bandana, we all know celebrities really like this kind of fashion and is even plactical - we all want on hot summer days for our hair to be put away from the shoulders, up high in a ponytail and on a bun or on other messy updos.
And it's a great and fashionable thing to use bandanas as accessories.
Take a look at this Hairstyle Fashion gallery for great inspiration.
Thanks you guys for reading, have a nice week!


  1. Really love the first one, the black bikini

    1. Yes, goty, I like it too, so versatile. Thank you

  2. Maria Kalyithis1:25 pm

    Can't wait for the summer.
    greetings from Greece

    1. Maria, I think everyone can't wait for the summer.
      Don't forget to work your body till than for that wonderful bikini ;)
      greetings to you too

  3. Loving all these bikini! Perfect for summer!


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